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Summary Financial Statements
Reporting Entity
for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2002

List of Taxpayer-Supported Crown Corporations and Agencies
(Government Organizations)
Recorded on a Consolidated Basis
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Consolidated Revenue Fund

Health Sector
  • B.C. Health Care Risk Management Society
  • British Columbia Health Research Foundation
  • Canadian Blood Services
  • Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission
  • Education Sector
  • Industry Training and Apprenticeship Commission
  • Private Post-Secondary Education Commission
  • Natural Resources and Economic Development Sector

  • 552513 British Columbia Ltd.
  • 577315 British Columbia Ltd.1
  • 580440 B.C. Ltd.1
  • 632121 British Columbia Ltd.2
  • 634349 British Columbia Ltd.2
  • BC Immigrant Investment Fund Ltd
  • B.C. Games Society
  • B.C. Pavilion Corporation
  • B.C. Society for Distribution of Gaming Revenue to Charities1
  • British Columbia Enterprise Corporation
  • British Columbia Racing Commission3
  • British Columbia Securities Commission
  • British Columbia Trade Development Corporation
  • Columbia Basin Trust
  • Creston Valley Wildlife Management Authority Trust Fund
  • Discovery Enterprises Inc
  • Duke Point Development Limited
  • Fisheries Renewal BC1
  • Forest Renewal BC 1
  • Homeowner Protection Office
  • Land and Water British Columbia Inc4
  • Okanagan Valley Tree Fruit Authority
  • Oil and Gas Commission
  • Pacific National Exhibition
  • Science Council of British Columbia
  • Tourism British Columbia
  • Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre Authority
  • Transportation Sector

  • BC Transportation Financing Authority
  • British Columbia Ferry Corporation
  • British Columbia Transit
  • Rapid Transit Project 2000 Ltd.
  • Victoria Line Ltd
  • Social Services Sector

  • B.C. Community Financial Services Corporation
  • British Columbia Housing Management Commission
  • Provincial Rental Housing Corporation
  • Other Sector

  • B.C. Festival of the Arts Society
  • British Columbia Arts Council
  • British Columbia Assessment Authority
  • British Columbia Buildings Corporation
  • British Columbia Heritage Trust
  • First Peoples’ Heritage, Language and Culture Council
  • Legal Services Society
  • Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia5
  • Self-Supported Crown Corporations and Agencies
    (Government Enterprises)
    Recorded on a Modified Equity Basis

  • BCIF Management Ltd.
  • British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
  • British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation
  • British Columbia Railway Company
  • Columbia Power Corporation
  • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
  • Provincial Capital Commission

  • 1These organizations ceased operations during the fiscal year.
    2These organizations began operations during the fiscal year.
    3This entity was already operating in prior years but has been consolidated as a government organization in this fiscal year.

    4This company changed names during the current year. It was formerly known as British Columbia Assets and Land Corporation.
    5Statements not available for this organzation.

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