Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
September 2003

6.0 Part I: Procurement

6.3.2 (b) policy 1 streamlines procurement policy to support procurement shared services by replacing the current thresholds at which Common Business Services (CBS), Ministry of Labour and Citizen's Services, must be used to acquire goods or services with a negotiation process between each ministry and CBS to determine where CBS can add value to the procurement processes required by the ministry for its business needs. The thresholds remain as a default, but are overridden where a negotiated agreement is achieved. (See also 6.3.2 (c) policy 1 and 6.3.5 (a) policy 9. Note section 6.3.3 (c) Purchase Authority Delegation – Goods is deleted.)

6.3.4 (d) policy 3 establishes a requirement for ministries to inform CBS when they are undertaking a disposal of assets or intellectual property under their legislative authority or as a result of Treasury Board Directive or Order. (See also 6.3.4 (f) policy 2.)

6.3.4 (e) policy 1 establishes the responsibility of Deputy Ministers to ensure their employees are aware of the provisions of the Copyright Act that pertain to making copies of works.

6.3.4 (f) policy 10 establishes the authority of CBS to allocate revenue from the disposal of intellectual property to a ministry.

6.0 Part II: Vendor Complaint Review Process for Government Procurement Part II establishes a Vendor Complaint Review Process (VCRP) to ensure an impartial hearing of vendor complaints concerning government's procurement activities in a consistent, fair and timely manner, and to identify ways to make improvements in the procurement process. Ministries are responsible for their procurement activities, and also have prime responsibility for reviewing complaints. The Procurement Governance Office (PGO), as a governance body independent of the procurement processes, will provide overall management of the VCRP, and review complaints not satisfactorily concluded at the ministry level.

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