Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
February 2007

12.0 Information Management and Information Technology Management

Chapter 12 is amended as follows:

  • Outlines roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of the Government Chief Information Officer (CGIO)

  • Conversion of information and technology management policies from narrative descriptions to principle-based statements

  • Revised and updated the GCIO's authority to define information and technology management strategies, policies and procedures for government

  • Reflects the organizational and personnel changes within government over the last 5 year (e.g. the creation of Shared Services)

  • The existing Chapter 12 is replaced with a new chapter with four sections
    • 12.1 Objectives
    • 12.2 General

      • Principles
      • Governance

    • 12.3 Policy
    • 12.4 Information

  • Policies include:

    • Appropriate use of government information and technology
    • Information and technology planning
    • Information management
    • Electronic identity managemen


Contacts for IM/IT Policy, Office of the GCIO or


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