Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
April 2008

18.0 Administration


18.3.1 Accommodation – sub-sections updated for the new Accommodation Agreement between the Accommodation and Real Estate Services division (ARES) and ministry clients, which replaces the former information on Service Level Agreements.

18.3.4 Business Meeting and Protocol Event Expenses - removes policy to use the Business Expense Approval FIN 215 form for pre-approval of meeting and event expenses.

18.4.1 Guidance on Accommodation - updated for the government pricing and cost recovery funding model used for ARES services that was endorsed by the ADMs of Corporate Services Committee and the Shared Services Board of Directors.

18.4.2 Guidance for Auditor General Information Requests - Part C is broadened to accurately reflect the new conditional disclosure terms for access to information which is subject to public interest immunity or solicitor-client privilege.

C.16 Relocation Allowances

C.17 Business Meeting and Protocol Expenses

C.16.5, C.16.9 & C.16.10 Allowances - sub-section changes for requirement to use an employee supplier code to support T4A generation.

C.17.1 General - changes requirement for the Business Expense Approval FIN 215 form to discretionary use by ministries. Increases the form’s threshold expense limit to $100 (from $30) for ministries that use it.

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