Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
October 2012


14.0  Risk Management

14.0 Risk Management – policy updated to emphasize and support a culture of mature Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) across government. The amendment provides mechanisms to ensure that ministries are held accountable for ERM by defining clear roles and responsibilities for Ministries, Deputy Ministers’ Council and the Government Chief Risk Office.

18.0 Administration

18.3.5 Financial Records – policy updated and aligned with Records Information Management policy  in CPPM 12, the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS), and the Redundant Source Records Special Schedule 206175 to clarify  requirements for ministry financial records. Records policy applies to all records, financial or non-financial, paper or electronic. Guidance added for use of the special schedule for those business areas seeking to maintain electronic records, and scanned or digital images as official file copies in place of the original paper records. Use of the special schedule must be in accordance with the schedule and its guide requirements.

Updates to storage, and access and retrieval subsections to align with current records information management policies and standards and to identify the Records Management Operations as the offsite storage service provider for ministries.

Consequential revisions were made to sections: 4.3.2; 4.3.8; 10.3.16; C.1.1; C.1.4; C.1.5; C.8; C.17.4; C.20; C.21; D.1; & D.6.

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