Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
April 2014


12.0 Information Management and Information Technology Management

12.3.1 - Appropriate Use of Government Resources - Removing old policy on appropriate use of government resources and adding a link to the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s new policy on appropriate use.

6.0 Procurement

6.3.2(a)(5)Pre-Award and Solicitation – Added: reference and link to the Short Form RFP (SRFP) template; and link to Procurement Services Branch guidance on selection of appropriate procurement process including the SRFP.

6.3.2(a)(7), 6.3.3(b)(6), 6.3.3(c)(1) – Added reference to SRFP.

6.4.3Request For Proposals – Added reference to a new SRFP writing guide for ministry staff.


Consequential Revisions Glossary - Added new term: Short Form Request for Proposal

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