Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
February 13, 2014


8.0 Asset Management

8.3.1 Inventory – Amended section to include surplus real property held for resale; requirement to maintain inventory of land and building; direction for ministries’ responsibilities in disposing surplus real property held for resale; and link to SSBC Inventory Policy for Real Property (for CRF)

8.3.2 Tangible Capital Assets and Other Assets – Amended section to include Tangible Capital Assets (TCAs) identified as surplus held for resale need to be accounted for per CPPM I.6; and TCAs reclassified as surplus that are still in use must continue to be amortized

6.0 Procurement - Consequential amendments 6.3.4. d. Disposal of Surplus Assets – Added reference for disposal of surplus assets classified as inventory held for resale CPPM 8.3.1.

I. Tangible Capital Asset Management Procedures


I.6 Disposals - Amended to reflect recording of tangible capital assets reclassified as properties for resale; deferral of disposal costs when a gain is anticipated on the sale of Inventory – properties for resale; and removal of Appendix B, Sample 6.

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