11.0 Designating or Changing Ministry Card Coordinators/Alternates

Card Coordinator/Alternate Designation

11.0 Designating or Changing Ministry Card Coordinators/Alternates

Ministry Card Coordinators/Alternates

The chief financial officer is responsible for appointing or changing the ministry card coordinator/alternate. The Commercial Card Coordinator/Alternate Change Application FIN182 should be completed and forwarded to:

Government Card Coordinator Purchasing Services c/o 2nd Floor, 563 Superior Street, PO Box 9476 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC  V8W 9W6.

The government card coordinator will then add the ministry card coordinator and alternate to the BMO details Online system and provide the appropriate training if necessary.

The government card coordinator is also to notify the Bank of Montreal of any changes of ministry card coordinators or alternates.

The list of the ministry Card Coordinators/Alternates can be found via the link above. The bank maintains an independent file used for security purposes when dealing directly with ministry card coordinators and alternates.