13.0 BMO details Online

Security of Purchasing Card Numbers

Storage of Information

13.0 BMO details Online

Ministry card coordinators will use the BMO details Online system to perform numerous administrative activities including:

  • requesting new cards;
  • changing the status of cards;
  • requesting the cancellation of cards;
  • updating cardholder information;
  • resetting cardholder account passwords;
  • changing the hierarchy "reports to" structure for cards;
  • reviewing cardholder statements and transactions; and
  • generating various purchasing card reports.

Cardholders have access to the BMO details Online system and can:

  • review individual transactions within 24 hours of the transactions being processed by the Bank of Montreal; and
  • review and print monthly statements within 24 hours following the monthly billing cycle date (which is the third of the month)

BMO details Online is accessible through the internet at https://www.bmodetailsonline.com. You will be asked for your username and password (obtained from your purchasing card coordinator). The first time you enter BMO details Online, you will be asked to replace the password originally provided with a new confidential password that you supply. Functions that are available to you will be found on your Home page.

If you require assistance in using BMO details Online, contact your purchasing card coordinator.

Security of Purchasing Card Numbers

Note that the card numbers are included in the downloaded information. In order to maintain security of the card numbers and reduce the opportunity for fraud, any downloaded data containing the card number must be stored in a secure manner. Examples of secure storage include secure Local Area Network (LAN) or diskettes kept under lock and key.

Although email between government employees is generally considered secure because it is behind a firewall, the full card number must not be transmitted by email either in the message or its attachments.

Storage of information

Policies regarding the management of electronic information are contained in CPPM Chapter 12, Information Management and Information Technology Management.