Financial Reporting and Advisory Services

Financial Reporting and Advisory Services is responsible for:

  • championing, managing and implementing high level finance-oriented business and accounting improvements and common accounting approaches across government;
  • providing expert professional accounting advice on a wide range of topics to senior management to enhance strategic decision making for the government as a whole;
  • providing government-wide leadership and direction to the executive level of government, ministries, and Crown corporations on the development, implementation, management and evaluation of accounting;
  • reporting non-routine business proposals;
  • integrating routine accounting and reporting policies across government;
  • acting as a change agent to facilitate the adoption of improved business practices;
  • developing and implementing policy, procedures, and systems for the capitalization of tangible assets across government;
  • overseeing the implementation of new government-wide accounting policy changes;
  • preparing and publishing the province's financial statements including the Public Accounts and unaudited financial statements, schedules and related documents at various levels of combination for the provincial government on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis; and
  • ensuring the central accounts of the government are administered and maintained in a manner which permits the efficient and effective production of the government's financial reports, including the Chart of Accounts budget input and the monitoring of appropriation spending, and other balances in the province's general ledger.