Programs & Services

Cash Management and Treasury Payments

Cash Management and Treasury Payments provides cash management services for revenue collection, payments and borrowing services. This involves maximizing financial returns and meeting payment obligations for annual cash flows of approximately $100 billion. The forecasts maintained by this section assist with the development of the annual provincial budget.

Payment services provided on behalf of government include:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Pre-Authorized Debits (revenue collection)
  • Wire Payments
  • Direct Deposit Application Processing
  • Cheque Management Services

  • Director, Cash Management and Treasury Payments:

    Alison Gunn    Phone: 250 356-1274

    Financial and Banking Relations

    On behalf of the province and its clients, the Banking Policy and Contracts unit negotiates, implements and administers bank services through over 30 financial institutions. This involves close to $7 million in annual bank service charges; 2,500 bank accounts; 100 legal agreements; and over 50 systems. Banking Policy and Contracts' services include:

    • Bank Service Tendering and Fee Negotiation - assisting Crown corporations and agencies in tendering their banking business, usually every five years. The unit also tenders and negotiates all bank and armoured car contracts on behalf of the province and ministries.

    • Banking Service Contracts and Credit Facility - preparing and maintaining banking service contracts and negotiating credit facilities, including the $500 million syndicated line of credit.

    • Government Banking Policy - developing government wide banking policy in consultation with the Office of the Comptroller General for inclusion into financial policy and procedure manuals.

    • Enterprise Accounting Management/Budget Monitoring - developing and monitoring the branch budget and analyzing monthly revenues and expenditures as well as developing and tracking annual unit pricing charged to ministries to ensure the full recovery of cost.

    • Compensation Claims - processing compensation claims for unjust enrichment/costs incurred by parties due to errors in financial transactions with the province.

    Director, Financial and Banking Relations:

    Jean Hope    Phone: 250 387-7120

    Banking and Client Services

    The primary focus of the Banking and Client Services unit is to provide a coordinated and planned approach to the development and introduction of electronic banking services. This includes:

    • Providing direction and support to programs for implementing electronic payment services such as debit cards, credit cards, pre-authorized payment, acceptance of payments of accounts and Internet payments. This incorporates consulting services for business process re-design, selecting appropriate “best fit” business solutions and providing expertise and analysis on emerging technologies.
    • Brokering and support for electronic banking services with financial institutions for clients.
    • Representing Provincial Treasury’s interests in corporate government electronic commerce initiatives.

    Banking and Client Services actively promotes electronic service delivery as government’s preferred method of conducting banking business.

    Director, Banking and Client Services:

    Beau Choo    Phone: 250 387-7122