Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office

The Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office is accountable for the effective management of risk to which the government is exposed by virtue of its assets, programs and operations.

In delivering its mandate, the branch has four major roles: central risk management agency within government, risk management advisor/consultant, risk management program development and delivery, and claims and litigation management.

The branch, in its role as the enterprise risk management agency within government, advises government on risk management issues, reviews and approves indemnities given by government, and assists ministries in establishing their own comprehensive risk management programs. The Government Security Office is resident in the branch. The Office is responsible for the management and coordination of the BC Government’s Security Program. It advises and assists ministries in developing security strategies, security awareness, asset protection and technical assistance with investigations related to breaches of security. The Office chairs the Government Security Advisory Committee. It also consults with central agencies and those involved in the education and health sectors.

In its role as a risk management advisor/consultant, the branch provides a wide range of risk management services to its client group, assisting them in areas such as loss control, risk financing, risk identification and transfer, and in the development of coordinated enterprise risk management programs.

Risk Financing is another role of the Risk Management Branch. The branch purchases all insurance on behalf of its clients. With clients such as the hospitals, health care agencies, service providers to the social program ministries and the public education system, the Branch develops alternative risk financing programs including traditional insurance and self-insurance. These programs have proven to be an effective method of funding losses, saving the government in excess of $1.7 billion since 1986.

The branch has developed specific programs to provide risk management services, including claims management, risk financing and loss control, to the schools, colleges, hospitals, health care agencies and service providers to the social program ministries. These programs are delivered by program teams. The make up of teams is varied depending on the requirements of the program. Each of these teams utilizes expertise provided by the various disciplines represented within the branch. To a varied extent, delivery of these programs often involves the use of contracted resources.

Risk Management Branch and Government Security Office provides claims administration services to all ministries and certain public sector agencies.