Budget 2000
Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
Honourable Paul Ramsey, Minister
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Budget 2000 reflects a modern, balanced direction for the new government by saying yes to tax cuts and no to megaprojects, cutting taxes for the middle class, low-income earners and small businesses, and investing in a healthy, well-educated and productive workforce. It balances the top priorities of today's families — education, health care, childcare, and tax cuts — with the need to control the deficit.

Targeted tax cuts to fuel B.C.'s economic momentum

Investing in the top priorities of today's families — education

Investing in the top priorities of today's families — health care and childcare

Strengthening B.C.'s competitive position



It is my pleasure to present B.C.'s first budget of the new millennium.

Budget 2000 represents a modern, balanced direction for the B.C. government. Over the past four months, I have spoken to hundreds of British Columbians about their priorities for this budget. And what I have heard, in overwhelming numbers, is that the budget must be open, honest and transparent. British Columbians have also said they want taxes to be lower, to put more money in their pockets and to energize the economy. Investments in education, health care and childcare also remain high priorities.

In this budget, we have made decisions that balance these priorities with the need to control the deficit. This budget is the most open and transparent in British Columbia's history. While British Columbians may have differing opinions about the choices made in this budget, they agree that they must have confidence in the facts and assumptions behind it. This budget is a significant step forward in achieving that goal.

Paul Ramsey
Minister of Finance and Corporate Relations



The government has listened and accepted the advice of the Auditor General, an independent panel on budget transparency and accountability, the Opposition and other British Columbians in creating new legislation that sets the highest standard for budget openness in Canada. Changes include:



Chart A3: British Columbia Unemployment Rate



This budget takes a new, modern direction to fuel our economic recovery in the short run, and to further strengthen our competitive position in the long run. This budget supports this objective by cutting taxes, building an innovation economy based on the strengths of our land and people, and investing in a healthy, educated and productive workforce.

To help encourage the growth of environmental industries, the province is making a $5 million investment to support green technology research and demonstration projects for made-in-B.C. inventions. And, to encourage expansion of B.C.'s booming film industry into the regions, funding has been provided for regional film offices in key locations around the province.

Tax cuts to stimulate consumer spending

In this budget, government is taking a new approach to build economic momentum, with targeted tax cuts to middle- and low-income British Columbians.

These changes have been made possible because we are moving to a made-in-B.C. tax policy where our tax is calculated on income and not on federal tax, allowing us to shape this and all future tax cuts.

Tax cuts for jobs and investment

B.C.'s new economic direction balances personal tax cuts with new tax measures to encourage business growth and investment.

Quality of life: A competitive strength in B.C.

A healthy, well-educated workforce living in a healthy and clean environment is a significant strategic advantage in the global economy. Our government provides vital services because today's families need them. That is one of the soundest investments a government can make. This budget focuses those investments in three key areas: improving education, strengthening health care, and offering new childcare support for working families.



Post Secondary Education Funding


Chart B3: 2000/01 Expenditure Budget Increases Consolidated Revenue Fund ($ millions)


The complete Budget 2000 is available on the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations website at www.fin.gov.bc.ca

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