100 Years -- Parliament Buildings Budget '98 Speech British Columbia

Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations -- Joy K. MacPhail, Minister



Delivered in the
Legislative Assembly
March 30, 1998
Honourable Joy K. MacPhail
Minister of Finance
and Corporate Relations

Hon. Joy K. MacPhail

Table of Contents
  Introduction and Overview
  A Plan to Encourage Investment and Jobs
    Taxes cut for 40,000 small businesses
    Corporate capital tax eliminated for 10,000 small businesses
    Revitalizing traditional industries
    Strengthening our new economy
    Cutting red tape
    Creating a positive business climate
  Hydro Rate Rebate
  Tax Cuts for Individuals and Families
  Capital Investments to Keep B.C. Competitive and Create Jobs
  Key Priorities
    $228 million more to protect and improve health care
    More teachers and classrooms for B.C. students
    More opportunity for B.C. youth
    Support for children and families in need
  A Prudent Fiscal Plan
    Cutting the cost of government
    Moving to a balanced budget
    Financial management plan
    The Public Accounts
  Conclusion: Meeting the Challenge Together


 F&CR  BC Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations

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