British Columbia -- Budget '99
Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
Joy K. MacPhail, Minister

Budget in Brief Brochure
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Message from Minister of Finance
Joy K. MacPhail

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We believe health care is a fundamental right that must be protected.

We believe every child deserves a quality education, regardless of their parents’ income.

We believe in cutting taxes for small businesses to help create jobs for people — because that’s where the opportunities for the future are found.

These are our priorities. These are our choices.

In this budget, we’re improving health care, making sure our kids get the quality education they deserve, and helping small business through tax cuts.

The coming century promises to be full of opportunity.

Let’s work together to ensure that opportunity is shared by all British Columbians, for a healthy and prosperous future.

Joy K. MacPhail

Improving Health Care,
Helping Small Business Create Jobs

Improving Health Care

"This budget gives health care an additional $615 million."

More Beds

More Nurses

Shorter Waits

58,000 more surgeries and other medical procedures this year:


Tax Cuts for Small Business to Create Jobs
and Diversify the Economy

"Effective July 1, I am cutting the income tax rate for B.C.’s 40,000 small businesses to 5.5 per cent. That is lower than Alberta."

Streamlining Liquor Regulations:

Business Lens


Strengthening Education and Youth Opportunities

"This budget increases core provincial education funding by $45 million to nearly $6,000 for every pupil . . . an increase of $143 per pupil."


Personal Income Tax

"The combined impact of our tax cut in January, and the tax cut in the federal budget, is a four per cent reduction in provincial personal income tax."


British Columbia Employment Growth

British Columbia Employment Growth

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