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British Columbia Public Accounts 1997/98


Volume 1

  • Overview — provides a written commentary on the numbers reported in the Summary Financial Statements plus additional information on the financial performance of the government.
  • Summary Financial Statements — these statements have been prepared to disclose the economic impact of the government’s activities. They aggregate the Consolidated Revenue Fund and government organizations
    and enterprises.
  • Additional Information (Unaudited) — these schedules provide additional information on the results of the Health and Education Sectors adding amounts not contained within the Summary Financial Statements to incorporate activities of organizations that are primarily accountable to locally selected boards.

Volume 2

Consolidated Revenue Fund Financial Statements — these statements include the accounts of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, combining the activities of the General Fund with funds earmarked for specific purposes, Special Funds.

Supplementary Schedules to the Financial Statements (Unaudited) — this section contains schedules which support the information presented in the province’s Consolidated Revenue Fund Financial State-ments, including details of expenditures by ministerial appropriations, together with ananalysis of statutory appropriations and Special Accounts and Special Funds transactions.

Volume 3 - Detailed Schedules of Payments (Unaudited)

  • Ministry Abbreviations

  • Summary of Payments
    Members of the Legislative Assembly Compensation

  • Schedules of Salary and Travel Expenses for:
    Deputy Ministers and Associate Deputy Ministers
    Order–In–Council, Other Appointees and Employees not Appointed under the Public Service Act
    Other Employees
    Grants and Contributions
    Other Suppliers


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