Vendor Complaint Review Process

The following is the process for registering a vendor complaint relating to procurement activities carried out by or for the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services, BC Public Service Agency, Office of the Premier, BC Utilities Commission, Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and Environmental Boards and Forest Appeals Commission.



Timeframe Guideline


Informal discussion with ministry to resolve issue.

See next Step for guideline


If a complaint is not concluded through informal discussion, vendor may complete and submit a Vendor Complaint Form (Word) to:

  • the Procurement Contact listed on the competition posting; or

  • if Procurement Contact unknown, to the Ministry VCRP Contact (see below) who will forward to the appropriate Procurement Contact.

VCF must be received within 30 business days after notice of competition outcome.


The Procurement Contact acknowledges receipt of the complaint; registers the complaint with the Ministry VCRP Contact to obtain a reference number (to be used in all future correspondence) and begins Step 4. 

3 to 5 business days

4. The Procurement Contact reviews the complaint and forwards the details associated with the procurement process to the Ministry VCRP Contact.
10 - 15 days
5. The Ministry VCRP Contact reviews the details provided by the Procurement Contact prior to a response being sent to the complainant.
5 - 10 days


Following review by the Ministry VCRP, the Procurement Contact provides a written response for sign-off by the Branch ADM to the complainant with a copy to the Ministry VCRP Contact including:

  • if denied/dismissed, the reasons; or

  • if merited, planned action and rationale.

30 business days from receipt of complaint  - or notify reason for delay


Ministry VCRP Contact updates the complaint register.



If not concluded, vendor may pursue through the Procurement Governance Office (PGO) process.

  Ministry VCRP Contact:

Kim Boudreau
Finance & Administration Clerk
Ministry of Finance
3rd Floor, 617 Government Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 9V1
Ph: 250 356-8100
Fax: 250 356-7326