Deputy Minister of Finance

The Ministry of Finance provides fiscal policies and regulatory frameworks to support a strong provincial economy and the sustainable delivery of services to British Columbians.

Seven divisions of the ministry report to the Deputy Minister's Office:

Corporate and Ministry Support Services provides strategic financial, information management, and human resource advice and services.

Crown Agencies Resource Office has lead responsibility for the Crown Agency Accountability System. The CARO provides advice, information, and support necessary to promote good governance, continuous improvement and accountability for Crown corporation results.

Office of the Comptroller General is responsible for the overall quality and integrity of government's financial management and control systems.

Provincial Treasury looks after the province’s borrowing and financing needs, and manages banking and cash. These services are extended to all ministries, Crown corporations and public sector agencies.

Policy and Revenue Services provides policy analysis and advice to government regarding the financial and corporate sectors, collects taxes and forest revenues, provides taxpayer education, adjudicates Medical Service Premiums appeals, validates overpayments, and provides appeals resolution and litigation management services.

Revenue Programs provides fair, efficient and effective tax administration and revenue management processes for government, and tax administration and revenue management services to other ministries, local governments and other agencies.

Treasury Board Staff is responsible for developing and reviewing government's economic, fiscal and taxation policies. It provides analysis and advice to Treasury Board (the Cabinet committee responsible for budget and management matters) and to the Minister of Finance.