Office of the Comptroller General

The Office of the Comptroller General is responsible for the overall quality and integrity of the government's financial management and control systems.

The Office of the Comptroller General has six branches:

Financial Management Branch develops and implements financial management and general administrative policies for government.

Financial Reporting and Advisory Services prepares and publishes the province's financial statements, including the Public Accounts, champions improvements in common accounting approaches across government.

Corporate Accounting Services is responsible for the Corporate Financial System.

Corporate Compliance and Controls Monitoring Branch (includes Legal Encumbrance Section) provides a risk-based compliance review program to improve the efficiency and economy of internal controls, processes encumbered payments due to third party demands, and provides administrative and financial support for programs and initiatives undertaken by the Office of the Comptroller General.

Corporate Operations Branch which supports the Office of the Comptroller General.

Internal Audit and Advisory Services (IAAS) provides internal audit and consulting services to management at BC's ministries and Crown corporations in order to promote sound governance, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of public sector operations and to provide assurance that programs and systems are operating in compliance with mandates, policies and regulations.

Procurement Governance Office (PGO) is responsible for establishing and directing a strategic governance framework for government procurement and contract management, including the development and management, advice and interpretation, and official communication of government’s core procurement and contract management policy and procedures.