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Public Accounts Annual Report—Volume 1

Public Accounts—Volume 2
  • Section B—Consolidated Revenue Fund Financial Statementsthese statements include the accounts of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, combining the activities of the General Fund with funds earmarked for specific purposes, Special Funds.
  • Section C—Supplementary Schedules to the Financial Statementsthis section contains schedules which support the information presented in the province's Consolidated Revenue Fund Financial Statements, including details of expenditures by ministerial appropriations, together with an analysis of statutory appropriations and Special Accounts and Special Funds transactions.

Supplementary Information Available
  • Detailed Schedules of Paymentsthis section contains detailed schedules of salaries, wages, travel expenses, grants and other payments.
  • Financial Statements of Government Organizations and Enterprisesthis section contains summaries of the latest audited financial statements of government organizations and enterprises.
  • Trust Funds Financial Statementsthis section contains the latest audited financial statements of the pension, superannuation and long–term disability funds administered by the government. A summary of financial information for trust funds is also included in this section.
  • Summaries of Financial Statements of Corporations and Agencies to which the Financial Information Act applies—this section contains summaries of the financial statements of corporations, associations, boards, commissions, societies and public bodies required to report under the Financial Information Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, chapter 140, sec. 2) and not included elsewhere in this volume.
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