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Much of the information below is offered in PDF (Portable Document File) format. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available at the ADOBE site, if it is not already the default reader in your browser.

Public Accounts for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2000 (pdf-1,854 kb)
Includes the entire Volume of the Public Accounts as printed in the paper version, including a convenient live index to aid in navigating the electronic document.

Public Accounts 1999/00

Portions of this volume are available below as separate, smaller pdf files:

  • Provincial Financial Reporting Overview—provides a written commentary on the numbers reported in the Summary Financial Statements plus additional information on the financial performance of the government. (pdf-53 kb)
  • Summary Financial Statementsthese statements have been prepared to disclose the economic impact of the government's activities. They aggregate the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) and government organizations and enterprises. (pdf-656 kb)
  • Supplementary Information (Unaudited)these schedules provide additional information on the total revenues and expenses of the SUCH Sector (schools, universities and colleges, and health care organizations) and their impact on the Summary statements. (pdf-149 kb)
  • Consolidated Revenue Fund Extracts (Unaudited)these schedules provide additional information on the revenues and expenses and transactions of the CRF. (pdf-119 kb)
  • Provincial Debt Summarythis information provides additional analysis, comparison with other standards augmented by graph tables. (pdf-782 kb)

Supplementary Information

  • Consolidated Revenue Fund Supplementary Schedulesthis section contains schedules which support the information presented in the province's Consolidated Revenue Fund Financial Statements, including details of expenditures by ministerial appropriations, together with an analysis of statutory appropriations and Special Accounts and Special Funds transactions. (pdf-1,235 kb)
  • Supplementary Information, Detailed Schedules of Paymentsthis section contains detailed schedules of salaries, wages, travel expenses, grants and other payments. (pdf-905 kb)
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