Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
July 2004

4.0 Expense Management

4.3.1 Delegation of Authority – the Common Expense Authority Matrix referenced in policy 6 is updated to support refund payments by inclusion of Revenue Stobs 4000 - 4999.

4.3.2 Expenditure Authorization – policy 3 is revised to clarify that Expense Authorities and Qualified Receivers must be government employees and not contractors. An exception to policy for an extraordinary operational requirement needs approval by the Office of the Comptroller General.

4.3.20 Obligation to Report to the Comptroller General – outlines the obligation for public servants to report inappropriate expenditures or payments, as required by the Financial Administration Act, section 33.2.

4.3.21 Authority of the Comptroller General – outlines the Comptroller General's authority regarding information received under section 33.2 or by other means.

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