Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
November 2004

4.0 Expense Management

4.3 has been updated to support the business models identified for direct invoices and to maintain the financial control framework with iProcurement implementation. The significant changes are as follows:

4.3.2 Expenditure Authorization – Qualified Receiver (QR) section.

Policy 1 is expanded for the QR requirement to sign a direct invoice for goods/services received.

4.3.3 Expenditure Processing and Payment Review – Payment section:

Policy 1 is expanded for the Expense Authority requirement to approve the payment requisition for a direct invoice before the payment can be made.

Policy 2 has been added and is outlined in a revised 4.3.6, below.

Policy 3 has been added for the use of Force Approval to release a payment for a direct invoice in an exceptional circumstance or an emergency situation, and when the use of Force Approval is pre-approved, restricted and controlled.

4.3.6 Third Party Programs:

Policy 1 added for use of Force Approval to release entitlement payments for direct invoices related to client purchases authorized by legislation and where program expenditure authorization is consistent with core policy (CPPM 4.3.2). The use of Force Approval for the payments must be pre-approved, restricted and controlled.


New definitions for terms introduced:

  • Direct Invoice – a vendor invoice for goods or services without a related purchase instrument (i.e., a purchase order or contract)

  • Force Approval – a CAS Oracle profile that permits release of payment for a direct invoice under certain conditions

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