Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
June 2006

6.0 Procurement

6.3.4 Policy d.4 Disposal of Surplus Assets (d.4) Policy 4 added providing that the disposal of an asset/medium with information storage capacity must be done in a manner to protect the privacy and security of the stored information.

8.0 Asset Management 8.2 Government asset is clarified to comprise tangible capital assets and property, inventory, financial assets, and other non-capital items that include a multitude of portable device technologies with information capacity and the information that is held on such devices/media.

8.3.2 The section is revised to emphasize the internal controls for protecting the information that is stored on a portable device/medium, the disposal of these assets with information capacity, and to underscore the safeguarding of information as asset and the devices with storage capacity irrespective of the physical asset's financial value.

8.3.3 The section is revised to draw attention to the requirement for the immediate reporting of a loss of sensitive, confidential information or the loss of a portable storage device or a hand-held device containing such information.

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