Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary


4.0 Expense Management
- Purchase and Travel Card

4.3.19 Purchases by Government Charge Card. The sections on the Purchasing Card and Travel Card were rewritten to help clarify policy and reflect the change from CIBC Visa and American Express to the Bank of Montreal MasterCard as the government's card provider. The only significant change to policy is that a single payment for government will now be made monthly and ministries will be charged back their appropriate expenditures.

10.0 Travel
- Purchase and Travel Card

- Oracle iExpense delegates

10.3.9 Vehicles and 10.3.13 Travel Card were updated to reflect change of Travel Card provider from American Express to the Bank of Montreal MasterCard.

10.3.16 Oracle iExpenses was updated to reflect the change from the Management Level (ML) salary classifications to the new Management Classification and Compensation framework. Only Strategic Leadership positions can use a delegate, however, positions that already use a delegate can continue to do so.

11.0 Transportation
- Purchase and Travel Card

11.3.5 Short-term Rental Vehicles was updated to reflect change of Travel Card provider from American Express to Bank of Montreal MasterCard.

20.0 Loss Management

M. Loss Reporting

The new chapters Loss Management and Loss Reporting consolidate existing loss policy and procedure found in Chapter 8. These chapters serve to emphasize the importance government places on its role as caretaker for government assets.

Chapter 20 discusses

  • categories of loss
  • responsibilities of parties involved in loss management

Chapter M

  • reporting losses by category
  • accounting for losses


B Expenditure Control Procedures

Removed references to Visa and American Express

C Reimbursement of Expenses Procedures

Removed references to Visa and American Express

E.3 Travel Card

E.3.4 – added government card coordinator and travel card coordinator responsibilities

E.3.5 (c) – included requirement to change account status to "closed" for cardholders on extended leave

E.3.5 (d) – introduced requirement to cancel travel card when employee leaves ministry

E.3.5 (e) – payment due date has changed from 45 days with American Express to 30 days from statement date with the Bank of Montreal

E.3.5 (g) – the fee structure for cash advances has changed from a flat 2% of the cash advance with Amex to interest being charged by the Bank of Montreal on the outstanding advance until repaid. To simplify the reimbursement calculation, interest is calculated at 1% of the cash advance, which should be sufficient to cover actual interest charges.

E.4 Business Transaction Account (BTA)

The name of the product has been changed from Business Travel Account to Business Transaction Account, however, the functionality of the account remains similar.

E.4.1 – removed the additional travel insurance coverage which is not available with the Bank of Montreal product

E.4.2 – included BTA coordinator responsibilities

E.4.3 – introduced the BTA Acknowledgment of Terms of Use and Consent (FIN 178/A) and the responsibility to set transaction and monthly limits which were not available under Amex. Included BTA accountholder responsibilities and emphasized need to maintain Authorized Users List with travel agencies.

E.4.5 – single payment of account balances for all of government by Purchasing Services Branch (Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services) with charge-backs to ministries

E.6 Purchasing Card There were no changes to E.6, however, the Purchasing Card Manual was updated to reflect changes to the new Bank of Montreal MasterCard.
Purchasing Card Manual

Chapter 1.0 Introduction – reference to purchases up to $5,000 was removed. Chapter 3.0 requires transaction limits to be set annually and are to be based on actual requirements and the budget allocation of the expense authority responsible for the purchasing card.

Chapter 2.0 Roles and Responsibilities – administrative responsibilities will be performed by purchasing card coordinators in the BMO details Online system.

Chapter 3.0 Authority to Use Purchasing Card – all references to purchasing card purchasing authority and purchasing authority delegation matrix were removed. Authority rests with the expense authority whose budget will be charged for the expenditures.

Chapter 4.0 Adding New Organizational Units to a Ministry Hierarchy – hierarchy structures are set up and maintain in BMO details Online by the purchasing card coordinators.

Chapter 6.0 Making Purchases – default Merchant Category Code blocking has been established and ministries can make changes to their default blocking.

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