Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
November 2007


10.0 Travel

10.0 Travel updated for new requirements of the Official Duties and Expense Regulation (BC Reg. 226/2001 as amended). The regulation covers travel expenses and allowances payable to officials for the purpose of discharging their official duties. The significant changes are:

10.2 General – policy application and 10.4.1 Group Definitions. Introduction of an additional category, Group IV, for officials (i.e., ministers and ministers of state, as defined by the regulation).

10.3.7 Meals / Per Diems. Group IV individuals may claim a $61 meal allowance for each day (or portion of the day) in discharging their official duties.

17.0 Internal Audit

17.0 Internal Audit revised for the reorganized internal audit function in government. Significant changes are:

17.1 Objective expanded to include Cabinet and Treasury Board as key decision makers. Identifies the corporate work plan as the major focus of internal audit effort with resources for ministry internal audit work and internal audit investigations.

17.2 General revised for specific roles and responsibilities of Cabinet, Treasury Board, the Comptroller General, Deputy Ministers, Ministries, and the Internal Audit and Advisory Branch (IAAS).

17.3 Policy changes require:

  • IAAS to provide Treasury Board with an annual assessment of risks, an annual corporate audit plan, and an annual audit report on the implementation of audit recommendations;

  • IAAS to provide a deputy ministers' committee with an annual ministry-specific audit plan for approval;

  • IAAS to have access to broader public sector organizations as directed by Treasury Board;

  • IAAS to report out on investigations to the Comptroller General and the deputy minister for the responsible ministry; and

  • the Comptroller General to annually summarize for Treasury Board the effectiveness of financial management and administration across government.


C Reimbursement of Expenses

C.14 Travel Allowances – Officials. Procedures updated for changes to the Official Duties and Expense Regulation (BC Reg. 226/2001 as amended).

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