Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
July 2008

D.9 Electronic Deposit of Payments

D.9.1 Electronic Deposit of Payments to Suppliers - updated to clarify ministry and central agency roles and procedures. Provides support to ministries in encouraging suppliers and government employees to receive electronic deposit of payments (e.g. iExpenses travel reimbursements). This will reduce costs, improve payment timelines and security, and support the Province's environmental initiatives (when combined with email receipt of payment statements).


Linkages to the updated PDF version of the Direct Deposit Application Form (FIN312) are also provided, including a direct deposit Q & A section, and to updated completion instructions, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of ministry supplier maintenance contacts, Treasury Payment Services and CAS Security and Data Administration.


D.9.2 - Returned / Rejected Electronic Deposits - outlines Provincial Treasury notification procedures and provides direction on the replacement cheque process.


D.9.3 - Recall of Electronic Deposits - outlines the EFT recall process and requirements for an authorized ministry financial service representative to initiate a recall.

10.0 Travel

10.2 General - updated linkage for the June 10, 2008 amendment to the Official Duties Expense Regulation, for travel expenses and allowances payable to an official (now defined as a minister, a committee member, a parliamentary secretary, or a member of the Legislative Assembly designated by a minister on behalf of the Executive Council to attend or act in an official capacity at a meeting, conference, task force, committee, visitation, function or work on a project).

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