Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
March 2008


10.0 Travel

10.0 Travel – the new requirement to calculate and report greenhouse gas emissions from business travel using SMARTTEC becomes effective April 1, 2008. The significant changes for this Core Policy and Procedures Manual update are as follows:

10.1 Objectives – additional objectives introduced to support government’s commitment to be carbon neutral for business travel, and to encourage ministries to consider alternatives to travel and methods of travel that mitigate the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

10.2 General – legislative reference to the new Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act added. Roles and responsibilities for employees and expense authorities are expanded to include requirements to complete and approve travel emission reports.

10.3.2 Travel Approval – eligibility for travel claim reimbursement is updated for the requirement to complete and attach travel emission reports to travel expense reports.

10.3.16 iExpenses -- employee requirement to attach their SMARTTEC confirmation report to their iExpenses report; Expense Authority sign off includes certification that the employee has attached the SMARTTEC report and it appears reasonable.

10.3.18 SMARTTEC – specific policy requirements for implementation of the travel emission calculator are introduced.



C.1 Travel Expenses

C.1.1 General – Procedure 3 updated for final travel emission reports to be completed within one week of a business trip, the same timeline for travel expense reports.

C.1.7 SMARTTEC Reports – specific procedures added to support employees in using SMARTTEC to calculate greenhouse gas emissions from buisness travel and completing emission reports. Also, links to supporting documentation on the government intranet site – “Where green ideas work”, and the Tier 1 help desk added for information and guidance with the web-based application.


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