Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
November 2011


18.0 Administration 18.3.1 Accommodation – policy c) Residential Accommodation Policy and Residential Tenancy Agreement updated to ensure that the Policy and Agreement meet requirements of the Residential Tenancy Act amendments of 2003; removal of the Residential Accommodation Rent Schedule and replaced with Canada Revenue Agency Ceiling Amounts for Housing Benefits Paid in Prescribed Zones. TB Directive 3/96 is repealed and replaced with TB Directive 1/12.
D. Payment Processing

D.4  Payment in US Dollars to Suppliers Located in the United States – clarification provided on use to support ministries with US dollar cheque payments in varying amounts. Linkages added to new subsection D.12 Wire Transfer Payments, which are recommended for requests over $50,000 and mandatory for requests over $250,000.

D.5  Payments to Other Foreign Suppliers – provides guidance on when to request foreign fund or Canadian dollar wire transfer payments, and cost effective alternatives for small foreign fund payments using the corporate purchase card, money orders and bank drafts. Linkages added to subsection D.4 above and the new wire transfer payments subsection.

D.12  Wire Transfer Payments – new subsection to formalize this secure electronic and irrevocable method of payment provided by Treasury Payment Services (TPS) for large value, low volume, time sensitive, emergency, or foreign supplier payment requests by ministries.

Introduces and links two new FIN forms, one of which requires ministry completion and expense authority signoff to request a wire transfer by TPS. The ministry uses pay group ‘WIR GLP’ in CAS Accounts Payable to process the payment request.  


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