Core Policy and Procedures Manual - Amendment Summary
January 2013


7.0 Revenue and Receivables Management

7.2.23 Set-offs

Policy 2 - Insertion for the Executive Director, Corporate Compliance and Controls Monitoring Branch or any authorized official in the Office of the Comptroller General to approve inter-ministry set-off requests under $50,000.

Policy 3 - Clarification of approval of inter-ministry set-offs by the Comptroller General.

11.0 Transportation

11.3.5 Out-of-Province Use of Government Vehicles – new section created to provide further guidance and clarity.

B. Expenditure Control

B.2 Advances Through Government Agents - Sub-section B.2.3 to remove reference to government agent cheques as they will no longer to be in use. Section 2.1 also revised.

D. Payment Processing

D.10 Cheque Management - Minor revisions and removals in D.10 and D.10.3 to remove references to government agent cheques as they will no longer to be in use.

E. Special Types of Disbursements

E.7 Ministry Payments by Government Agent Cheques - Section removed entirely with removal of government agent cheques from use.

G. Revenue Control Procedures

G.10 Rounding the Penny for Cash Transactions - New procedures to accommodate rounding the penny for cash transactions as per the Government of Canada’s announcement of eliminating the penny effective February 04, 2013.

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