Society Act White Paper Consultation

The Ministry of Finance is currently reviewing the Society Act to modernize and update the statute that provides rules for the incorporation and governance of not-for-profit organizations in B.C. The review commenced in 2009 with a letter to stakeholders seeking general input on issues under the current Act. This was followed by a 2011 Discussion Paper inviting public comment on specific proposals for reform.

This White Paper represents the next stage of the consultation process; it sets out policy recommendations and includes draft legislation which provides an opportunity for societies to see what is being proposed and what a new Act may look like. The framework of the current Society Act is updated and supplemented with new provisions which more aptly recognize the unique nature and the broad spectrum of societies across B.C., balancing societies' needs for flexibility with broader concerns for accountability. Feedback received will help guide government as it develops a new Act.

The Society Act outlines the rules that govern B.C.'s approximately 27,000 societies. Societies are non-profit corporations organized primarily for social purposes. They make valuable contributions to B.C.'s families and communities, and range from small community-based organizations to large charitable foundations.

The deadline for feedback is October 15, 2014. Please direct your comments in electronic form to:

If you wish to send comments in paper format, please direct them to:

Financial and Corporate Sector Policy Branch
Ministry of Finance
PO Box 9418 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC, V8W 9V1

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