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The Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC) supports government in setting and coordinating strategic directions in human resource management and labour relations for the broad public sector. PSEC is also active in the area of public sector pension plan management.

PSEC's authority related to labour relations is contained in the Public Sector Employers Act. This authority includes administering and managing the development and implementation of labour relations policies and practices in the B.C. public sector.

In addition, PSEC supports the minister responsible for PSEC in directing employers to create compensation plans for both excluded and executive employees that may include Chief Executive Officer (CEO) compensation, wages, benefits and perquisites.

PSEC's authority related to pension plans is based on the Public Sector Pension Plans Act and joint trust agreements. It includes representing government in its role as a partner in the plans, working with other partners involved in the plans to ensure the sustainability of the plans, monitoring government's risk exposure and provide policy advice to both government and public sector employers. The four pension plans contained in the act are: College Pension Plan, Municipal Pension Plan, Public Service Pension Plan, Teachers' Pension Plan.

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PSEC provides secretariat support to a committee, established by the Treasury Board, that administers remuneration of appointees to provincial government boards and tribunals.