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Public Sector Overview

The people working in B.C.'s public sector provide a wide-range of services, including administrative, environmental, scientific, technical, health and social services, to name only a few.

  • The B.C. public sector employs approximately 384,000 people.
  • More than 310,000 are unionized employees working in the public service, at Crown corporations and agencies, and in the K-12, post-secondary, health and community social services sectors.
  • An increase of 1% in total compensation for all unionized public sector employees costs approximately $220 million.
  • If applied to non-union and management groups, this increases to $267 million.
  • Negotiations under the 2014 Economic Stability Mandate are in progress across B.C.'s public sector.
  • Currently, there are about 310,000 public-sector employees covered by ratified and tentative agreements negotiated under the Economic Stability Mandate. This represents 99.9% of all unionized employees in B.C.

The data in the following charts is provided in open data format at the bottom of this page.

Public Sector Compensation Base
(total compensation base = 26.7 billion)

B.C. Public Sector Total Compensation Base $24 Billion

Data for Chart: Health - $13.4 B (50%) ; Education (K-12) - $4.8 B (18%); Public Service - $2.5 B (9%); Universities - $2.1 B (8%); Crown Corporations - $2.0 B (8%); Colleges and Institutes - $1.2 B (4%); Community Social Services - $0.7 B (3%); Total Compensation Base - $26.7 B

Public Sector Employee Headcount
(number of people employed in each sector)

B.C. Public Sector Headcount 370,000

Data for Chart - Health - 168,409 (44%); Education (K-12) - 81,137 (21%); Public Service – 32,493 (8%); Universities - 33,851 (9%); Crown Corporations - 21,127 (6%); Colleges and Institutes - 30,014 (8%); Community Social Services - 16,496 (4%); Total Headcount - 384,000

Public Sector Compensation Base Open Data

The data file below contains a list of all organizations encompassed by the Public Sector Employers Act, including estimated number of full-time equivalent positions (FTE), number of people employed in each sector (headcount) and total labour costs. Total labour costs includes employer paid wages, benefits and statutory benefits. The data is collected by surveying the organizations prior to a major collective agreement bargaining cycle and updated periodically to reflect changes reported by the organizations.

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Public Sector Compensation Base Open Data Field Definitions [PDF]

Public Sector Compensation Base Open Data [CSV]

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