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Provincial Treasury

Provincial Treasury looks after the province’s borrowing and financing needs, and manages banking and cash. These services are extended to all ministries, Crown corporations and public sector agencies. There are seven branches:

Banking/Cash Management manages the province's multi-billion operational cash flow. Negotiates agreements for banking services. Records, deposits and distributes government payments and develops electronic banking and payment services for our public sector clients.

Corporate Operations provides support services to the division in the areas of planning, administration, financial reporting, and budgeting.

Corporate and Project Finance provides financial advisory and project financing services to the government, Crown corporations and agencies. In addition to alternative financing of infrastructure and other capital projects, the Branch provides strategic expertise, direction and advice on corporate finance matters including valuation, capital procurement decisions, optimization of risk, return and cost of capital, financing decisions and optimization of corporate capital structure, corporate restructuring, reorganization and divestiture of capital assets.

Debt Management borrows money to meet the financial requirements of the public sector at the least cost and risk; manages the liability portfolio and provides financial advice to government and public sector agencies.

In order to avoid potential conflicts that can develop between government’s policy decisions and the management of public sector trust funds, the Province’s investment portfolio is independently managed by the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.

The British Columbia Investment Management Corporation offers funds management services for all major asset classes: short term and fixed income securities, mortgages, Canadian, U.S. and international equities, private placements and real estate. Clients include public sector pension plans, the Province of British Columbia, public trusts and insurance funds.

Information Systems provides support services to the division in the areas of systems and information management.

Risk Management Branch is accountable for the effective management of risk to which the provincial public sector is exposed by virtue of its assets, programs and operations. In delivering its mandate, the branch has four major roles: central risk management agency within government, risk management advisor/consultant, risk management program development and delivery, and claims and litigation management.