Economic Forecasting and Analysis

The Economic Forecasting and Analysis branch supports development and management of the government's Budget and Fiscal Plan by providing analysis and advice on the economy, and by developing forecasts of the provincial economy, and monitoring the provincial economic forecast. The branch contributes to various public reports on the Province's economic and fiscal performance and outlook, such as the government's Budget and Fiscal Plan, Quarterly Reports and the British Columbia Financial and Economic Review. The branch also provides economic analysis support to Provincial Treasury in their relations with rating agencies and international investors.

Primary clients are the Minister of Finance, Treasury Board, and Secretary and Deputy Secretary to Treasury Board, who use the economic forecast, alternate scenarios and risk assessment to make informed decisions regarding the economic and fiscal situation and outlook. Secondary clients range from other parts of Treasury Board Staff, to the Debt Management Branch of Provincial Treasury, Office of the Comptroller General, line ministries, Crown corporations, Crown Corporation Secretariat and the general public.

For a current listing of staff in this branch see the BC Government Directory.