Fiscal Planning and Estimates

The Fiscal Planning and Estimates branch is responsible for compiling, monitoring and annually updating government revenue, spending, debt and capital forecasts for inclusion in the government's Budget and Three Year Fiscal Plan, the annual estimates and other associated budget and fiscal documents.

The branch develops, prepares and coordinates the production of the government's Budget and Fiscal Plan, the annual Estimates and Supplementary Estimates, Quarterly Reports, the British Columbia Financial and Economic and when required, Supplementary Estimates.

Other branch responsibilities include coordinating the preparation of Supply Bills and related financial legislation, updating accounting and reporting policies for government's financial reports in conjunction with the Office of the Comptroller General adapting procedures to better integrate the SUCH Sector into government's budgeting, planning and reporting framework, and providing financial analysis support to the Provincial Treasury in their relations with rating agencies and international investors.

Primary clients include the Minister of Finance, Treasury Board, Secretary to Treasury Board and the Deputy Secretary to Treasury Board.

Secondary clients range from management and senior professionals in the Ministry of Finance, other ministries and central agencies, Crown corporations, SUCH sector (schools, universities, colleges, and hospitals) and other agencies, to counterparts in the federal government (e.g. CCRA, Stats Can) and other provincial governments, the financial community (e.g. financial bond rating/investment agencies), the general public, media and international delegates, and other special interest groups.

For a current listing of staff in this branch see the BC Government Directory.