Graduate Development Program

Message from the Deputy Minister

Thank you for your interest in the Treasury Board Staff Graduate Development Program.

This Graduate Development Program exists as part of the Ministry of Finance’s commitment to develop progressive and innovative government leaders by focussing on individual career development and professional growth.

Treasury Board Analysts provide expert advice to the Secretary to Treasury Board, Treasury Board Ministers, deputy ministers and ministry financial and program executives. These positions provide a unique opportunity to develop future innovative, progressive leaders with the knowledge and proven energy, expertise and know-how to meet the changing needs of our society.

Our graduates are provided with immediate job orientation, training and challenging portfolio assignments. On-going mentoring and tailored job rotation assignments are integral parts of this two-year program. This experience provides our graduates with in-depth exposure to the government budget process while at the same time providing them with unique skill development and networking opportunities.

I hope our Graduate Development Program appeals to your personal career and growth plan. If so, I encourage you to learn more about the program by reading further and consider beginning a promising career with us.

Chris Trumpy
Deputy Minister and Secretary to Treasury Board
Ministry of Finance
Government of British Columbia