Graduate Development Program - Overview

The objective of the Graduate Development Program is to recruit talented university graduates into a two-year program that will provide unique training and career development opportunities, and prepare participants for management and leadership positions within Treasury Board Staff, the ministry or throughout the Government of British Columbia, or its Crown corporations.

The program is targeted to recent graduates with masters degrees in the areas of economics, finance, business administration, public administration and accounting. Recruiting activities for the program intake typically take place during the fall, and placements usually begin in early spring in Victoria.

The two-year program may include rotation opportunities in Treasury Board Staff, government ministries, other central agencies or Crown corporations or agencies. The objective of the rotations is to expose the graduate to a variety of work areas and perspectives and to build hands-on experience. The program begins with an assignment in the Performance Budget Office of TBS. This initial assignment is followed by selected job rotations and special assignments that reflect the strengths and development areas of the graduates, and their career objectives.

As with the rotation elements, training and development activities are flexible and will be tailored to the needs of the graduate. On the job and workshop opportunities will be made available. Additional development elements include mentoring, performance assessments and career planning. After the first year of the program, successful graduates will have a sound understanding and working knowledge of the BC provincial budget process from both a central agency and a ministry perspective.

As the program nears completion, graduates are encouraged to apply to job opportunities throughout the B.C. public service. Although employment after the two year period is not guaranteed, the career development activities and exposure to the financial decision-making process during the program greatly increases the likelihood of the graduates’ career progression within the B.C. public service. In fact, the experience of graduates in the program to date is that they have been "head-hunted" from the program and into permanent positions before completing the program.

The Graduate Development Program is part of the BC Government's commitment to build a strong public service by ensuring that the BC Public Service has the capacity (leadership, skills and training) to keep pace with social, economic and technological changes and to deleiver quality services to an increasingly diverse population. See BC Government Corporate Human Resources Plan for more information.