Performance Budgeting Office

The Performance Budgeting Office consists of four branches, Capital Planning, Economic Development Policy, Social Policy and Schools, Universities, Colleges and Hospitals (SUCH) Ministries. Operating in tandem, they are responsible for developing and monitoring government’s three-year fiscal plan and identifying, assessing, monitoring and managing significant risks and opportunities relating to the plan. PBO coordinates and assists in the development of the provincial Budget, Estimates, financial and economic plans and forecasts, and provides strategic advice to Treasury Board on the allocation of budgets to line ministries.

The Performance Budgeting Office is also responsible for reviewing the financial and economic implications of proposals that call for legislative and regulatory change and for overseeing the Cabinet approved framework for managing B.C.'s Crown corporations.

Clients include Treasury Board, Cabinet, Premier, Government Caucus committees, Legislation Committee, senior executives within ministries, other central agencies, Crown corporations or agencies, SUCH sector (schools, universities, colleges, and hospitals) organizations, and program staff in line ministries.

For a current listing of staff in this branch see the BC Government Directory.