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Cutting Waste to Keep Government Affordable

Reducing waste in government has been a major factor in controlling spending and eliminating the deficit. In fact, after adjusting for the province's growing population and inflation, the cost of government for the average British Columbian has been cut in each of the past two years. The government will continue to look for ways to cut waste so that British Columbians get the best value for their tax dollars.

Savings from cutting waste this year

More than $100 million in wasteful spending will be cut in 1995/96 to bring down the cost of government, including $90 million by cutting or streamlining administration.

There will be a major new initiative in 1995 to streamline government and cut unnecessary bureaucracy. A blue-ribbon panel of outside experts will undertake a thorough review of management structures and personnel within government.

The panel will include Jill Bodkin, a partner with the firm Ernst & Young and chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade, and Michael Phelps, chair and CEO of Westcoast Energy Inc. and past chair of the Business Council of B.C. The process will be extended in the coming year to Crown corporations and other government agencies and public bodies.

In addition, the following actions will contribute to a reduction in the income assistance budget for 1995/96:

Budget '95 (Province of B.C.)

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