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Affordable Investment to Keep B.C. Growing

Affordable investment in land, infrastructure and people is the key to continued economic growth and jobs, and protecting essential government services.

Without this investment, B.C. cannot compete in the global marketplace.

The 1995 budget makes this investment a fundamental priority. By running a surplus and controlling debt, the budget ensures that B.C. will be able to pay for needed services and capital investment.

The comprehensive debt management plan ensures that taxpayer-supported debt -- in relation to B.C.'s economy -- will be cut in half over the next 20 years.

B.C. will continue to have the lowest debt-servicing costs in the country, while making the capital investment needed to keep our economy growing and creating jobs.

Spending controls and better-than-expected revenues meant the government borrowed $1 billion less than projected during the 1994/95 fiscal year. And this year's borrowing for needed capital investment will be even less.

Taxpayer-supported debt will increase 3.5 per cent, less than the growth of the B.C. economy. This $730 million will be used to build new schools, health care facilities, and major infrastructure and transportation projects, such as the Vancouver Island Highway.

Positive Climate for Investment

Transportation and Local Infrastructure

Security for Forest Communities

Protecting Medicare

Education and Skills for the Real World

Budget '95 (Province of B.C.)

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