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This bulletin replaces and cancels Bulletin 100, issued October 1994.
Province of British Columbia
Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
Revenue Division

Parliament Buildings
Victoria BC
V8V 2L9
Issued: March 1995 -- Bulletin 100

Changes to Legislation Administered
by the Consumer Taxation Branch

Announced in the Provincial Budget Speech
March 28, 1995

On March 28, 1995, the Minister of Finance and Corporate Relations announced the following amendments to the Social Service Tax Act and the Motor Fuel Tax Act. These changes are effective March 29, 1995, unless otherwise indicated. Additional information may be obtained from any Consumer Taxation Branch office listed at the end of this bulletin.

Social Service Tax Act

Farming and Greenhouse Industry
Refund to Bona Fide Farmers
Motor Vehicle Returns Mining Industry Software Safety Equipment Transfer of Assets when Selling Corporation
is Dissolved or Wound Up

Motor Fuel Tax Act

International Fuel Tax Agreement

Further Information

This bulletin contains general information and is provided for convenience and guidance. If interpretation problems occur, please refer to the legislation or contact your nearest Consumer Taxation Branch office. Office locations are listed on the following page.

Consumer Taxation Branch Offices

Budget '95 (Province of B.C.)

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