100 Years -- Parliament Buildings Budget '98 Reports British Columbia

Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations -- Joy K. MacPhail, Minister

1998 Budget Reports
  A. Economic Review and Outlook
    Topic Boxes:
      Minister's Economic Outlook Conference
Regional Economic Developments
  B. Fiscal Review and Outlook
    Topic Boxes:
      Revenue Forecast Based on Prudent Economic Assumptions
Financial Statement Reporting Issues
Summary Financial Statement
  C. Financial Management Plan Review and Outlook
    Topic Boxes:
      Categories of Debt
Capital Plan
  D. Revenue Measures
    Topic Boxes:
      Summary of Revenue Measures
Summary of Administrative Measures
  E. Tax Expenditures
  F. Federal Spending Power, Fiscal Imbalance and Risks to Health Care and Education
  G. Protecting Health Care and Education Funding
  H. Supplementary Tables
H1 General Economic Indicators
H2 Interprovincial Comparisons of Tax Rates
H3 Comparison of Provincial and Federal Taxes by Province
H4 Summary of Operating and Financing Transactions
— Consolidated Revenue Fund
H5 Revenue by Source
H6 Expenditure by Function
H7 Net Debt Summary
H8 Key Debt Indicators


 F&CR  BC Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations

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