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This electronic version is for informational purposes only. The printed version remains the official version.July 30, 2001
  Statement by the Secretary to Treasury Board
Part 1: British Columbia Economic Review and Outlook
  The External Environment
  Financial Markets and Commodity Prices
  The British Columbia Economy
  Forecast Uncertainties
  The Medium Term Outlook 2003–2005
  1.1 Key Economic Assumptions
    1.2 Key Economic Indicators
    1.3 British Columbia Economic Outlook
    1.4 Current Economic Statistics
  Topic Boxes:
    The Economic Forecast Council Survey, June 2001
Part 2: 2001/02 Fiscal Update
  Consolidated Revenue Fund
    2001/02 Consolidated Revenue Fund Revenue
    Revenue Forecast Assumptions and Risks
    2001/02 Consolidated Revenue Fund Expenditure
    Expenditure Assumptions and Sensitivities
  Crown Corporations and Agencies
    Taxpayer-supported Crown Corporations and Agencies
    Self-supported Commercial Crown Corporations and Agencies
    Crown Corporations Forecast Assumptions and Risks
  Capital Spending
  2001/02 Provincial Debt
  Summary Accounts Balance Sheet
  Staff Utilization
    2.1 Developments Since the March 15 Budget — Summary Accounts
    2.2 Summary Accounts Operating Results
    2.3 Summary of Changes from the March 15 Budget
    2.4 Developments Since the March 15 Budget — CRF Revenue
    2.5 Revenue by Source — Consolidated Revenue Fund
    2.6 Main Revenue Forecast Assumptions and Risks — Consolidated Revenue Fund
    2.7 Developments Since the March 15 Budget — CRF Expenditure
    2.8 Expenditure by Ministry — Consolidated Revenue Fund
    2.9 Main Expenditure Assumptions and Forecast Risks — Consolidated Revenue Fund
    2.10 Developments Since the March 15 Budget — Crown Corporations and Agencies
    2.11 Main Crown Corporation Forecast Assumptions and Risks
    2.12 Developments Since the March 15 Budget — Capital Spending
    2.13 Government, Crown Corporations and Agencies — Capital Expenditures
    2.14 Capital Projects Greater Than $50 Million
    2.15 2001/02 Capital Expenditure Projects (Partial List)
    2.16 Developments Since the March 15 Budget — Provincial Debt
    2.17 Provincial Financing
    2.18 Forecast Change in Summary Accounts Financial Position
    2.19 Summary Accounts Balance Sheet
    2.20 Summary Accounts Staff Utilization
  Topic Boxes:
    Forecast Allowance Update
    Provincial Financing
Part 3: Revenue Measures
  Tax Reductions to Stimulate Economic Growth and Job Creation
  Summary of Revenue Measures
  Revenue Measures: Supplementary Information
    3.1 British Columbia Personal Income Tax Brackets and Rates
    3.2 British Columbia Tax Cut — Impact on Taxpayers
    3.3 Personal Income Tax Top Marginal Tax Rates for 2000, 2001 and 2002
Part 4: Supplementary Tables
  Table 1 — Five-Year Economic Forecast:
    Table 1.1 Gross Domestic Product — British Columbia and Canada
    Table 1.2 Components of British Columbia Real GDP at Market Prices
    Table 1.3 Income and Expenditure
    Table 1.4 Labour Market Indicators
    Table 1.5 British Columbia Employment by Sector
    Table 1.6 Economic Assumptions
    Table 1.7 Financial Markets
    Table 1.8 Selected Growth Rates
  Table 2 — Interprovincial Comparisons of Tax Rates — 2001
  Table 3 — Interprovincial Comparisons of Provincial Personal Income Taxes Payable — 2001
  Table 4 — Comparison of Provincial and Federal Taxes by Province — 2001
  Table 5 — Revenue by Source — Consolidated Revenue Fund
  Table 6 — Expense by Function — Consolidated Revenue Fund
  Table 7 — Provincial Debt Summary
  Table 8 — Key Debt Indicators
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