Budget 2000
Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
Honourable Paul Ramsey, Minister
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Statement by the Secretary to Treasury Board
A.   Economic Review and Outlook
Topic Boxes:
The Regional Economies
The Economic Forecast Council
B. Fiscal Review and Outlook
Topic Boxes:
Budget 2000 Forecast Allowance
Provincial Financing
Provincial Capital Assets
Five-Year Fiscal Planning Framework
C. Revenue Measures
Topic Box:
Environmental Initiatives
D. Tax Expenditures
Improving Budget Transparency and Accountability:
Implementation of the Budget Process Review Panel  Recommendations
Topic Boxes:
Consolidated Revenue Fund and the Summary Accounts
The Budget 2000 Consultation Process
F. Economic Growth in British Columbia: A Modern, Balanced Approach
Topic Box:
Streamlining Initiative
G. Fiscal Capacity and Provincial Budgets
H. Supplementary Tables
H1 General Economic Indicators
H2 Interprovincial Comparisons of Tax Rates
H3 Comparison of Provincial and Federal Taxes by Province — 2000
H4 Summary of Operating Results, Capital Expenditures and Net Debt
H5 Summary Accounts Operating Results — Five-year Details
H6 Revenue by Source
H7 Expenditure by Function
H8 Projected Income Statements of Selected Crown Corporations
H9 Provincial Net Debt Summary
H10   Key Debt Indicators

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