Budget 2000
Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
Honourable Paul Ramsey, Minister
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Statement by the Secretary to Treasury Board
Report A: Economic Review and Outlook
Chart A1: British Columbia Exports
Chart A2: British Columbia Exports by Country, 1999
Chart A3: British Columbia Unemployment Rate
Chart A4: Employment in British Columbia
Chart A5: World Growth Prospects Improve
Chart A6: Asian Recovery in 1999
Chart A7: Current Account Balances
Chart A8: Real GDP Outlook by Component
Chart A9: Bloomberg B.C. Stock Index
Chart A10: Oil Prices
Table A1: British Columbia Economic Outlook
Topic Box: The Regional Economies
Topic Box: The Economic Forecast Council
Report B: Fiscal Review and Outlook
Chart B1: Summary Accounts Forecast
Chart B2: Consolidated Revenue Fund Spending Per Person
Chart B3: 2000/01 Expenditure Budget Increases
Chart B4: Change in Total Provincial Net Debt
Table B1: 1999/00 Revised Fiscal Forecast
Table B2: Changes in the 1999/00 Fiscal Forecast During the Year
Table B3: Summary Accounts Operating Results — 2000/01 Budget Estimate
Table B4: Summary Accounts Operating Results — 2000/01 Budget Estimate Details
Table B5: Revenue by Source Consolidated Revenue Fund
Table B6: Factors Affecting the 2000/01 Revenue Budget Estimate
Table B7: Main Revenue Assumptions and Forecast Risks — Consolidated Revenue Fund
Table B8: Expenditure by Ministry Consolidated Revenue Fund
Table B9: Main Expenditure Assumptions and Forecast Risks — Consolidated Revenue Fund
Table B10: Main Crown Corporation Assumptions and Forecast Risks
Table B11: Provincial Financing
Table B12: Government, Crown Corporations and Agencies — Major Capital Expenditures
Table B13: Capital Expenditure Projects
Topic Box: Budget 2000 Forecast Allowance
Topic Box: Provincial Financing
Topic Box: Provincial Capital Assets
Topic Box: Five-Year Fiscal Planning Framework
Report C: Revenue Measures
Table C1: British Columbia Personal Income Tax Brackets and Rates — 2000 Tax Year
Table C2: British Columbia Personal Income Tax Brackets and Rates — 2001 Tax Year
Table C3: British Columbia Non-refundable Credits
Table C4: BC Personal Income Tax Reductions  — 2000 and 2001 tax years  — Single Taxpayer
Table C5: BC Personal Income Tax Reductions — 2000 and 2001 tax years — Single Income Family
Topic Box: Environmental Initiatives
Report D: Tax Expenditures
Table D1: Social and Income Transfer Programs
Table D2: Economic Development and Business Assistance Programs
Table D3: Environmental Protection Programs
Report E: Improving Budget Transparency and Accountability:
Implementation of the Budget Process Review Panel Recommendations
Table E1
Topic Box: Consolidated Revenue Fund and the Summary Accounts
Topic Box: Budget 2000 Consultation Process
Report F: Economic Growth in British Columbia: A Modern, Balanced Approach
Chart F1: Interprovincial Tax Comparisons
Topic Box: Streamlining Initiative
Report G: Fiscal Capacity and Provincial Budgets
Chart G1: Fiscal Capacity Among Provinces
Chart G2: Fiscal Capacity with Equalization
Chart G3: Fiscal Capacity with Equalization and CHST
Chart G4: Differences in Provincial Tax Effort
Chart G5: Importance of Natural Resources Revenues, 1999/00 (estimated)
Report H: Supplementary Tables
H1 General Economic Indicators
H2 Interprovincial Comparisons of Tax Rates
H3 Comparisons of Provincial and Federal Taxes by Province — 2000
H4 Summary of Operating Results, Capital Expenditures and Net Debt
H5 Summary Accounts Operating Results — Five-year Details
H6 Revenue by Source
H7 Expenditure by Function
H8 Projected Income Statements of Selected Crown Corporations
H9 Provincial Net Debt Summary
H10 Key Debt Indicators

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