British Columbia -- Budget '99
Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations
Joy K. MacPhail, Minister

Budget Reports
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The printed version remains the official version.

A. Economic Review and Outlook
Topic Boxes:
A British Columbia Recession?
Minister's Economic Outlook Conference
Regional Economic Developments
B. Fiscal Review and Outlook
Topic Boxes:
Estimates Accounting Policies and Presentation Changes
Prudent Economic Assumption for the Revenue Forecast
Summary Financial Statement
1998/99 Debt Summary
Five-Year Fiscal Planning Framework
C. Three-Year Economic Plan Update
Topic Boxes:
Streamlining Initiative
1999/00 Capital Plan
D. Revenue Measures
Topic Boxes:
Summary of Revenue Measures
Summary of Administrative Measures
E. Tax Expenditures
F. British Columbia's Financial Relations with the Federal Government:
        Progress and Continuing Challenges
G. Financial Management Developments in the Ministry of Finance
Topic Boxes:
Preparing the Provincial Government for Y2K
H. Supplementary Tables



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